Model No: RX575

The RX575 is a 3/4 inch fitting that has a male end and a female end. It is typically used for distance control as part of an assembly placed under above-grade rotors and impact sprinklers that have 3/4″ threads, rather than using the rotor’s diffusion screw that always changes and distorts the Rotor’s arc pattern. Typically, the Coupling is used when the rotors are placed higher than 18″ while the RX575 is used when the rotor height is lower than 18″.

Some professionals have also used the 3/4″ Riser Extender for pressure control on ‘Drip’ systems.

Note: The size of the Allen wrench for the two 3/4″ parts is 1/4″.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs

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