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Valvette Systems’ Proprietary 21st-Century Technology:  In-stem Flow Regulation (IFR) Powered by LittleValve

(Valvette means ‘little valve’ in French)

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Why Water Conservation Sprinklers?

Because they save water and are so easy to work with.

Caution: You WILL get Spoiled with LittleValve IFRs

Water, Time, and Labor Savings!

Valvette Systems –  the ONLY sprinkler manufacturing company owned by a licensed landscape and irrigation contractor.

Where EVERY LittleValve IFR sprinkler part is Pressure-Regulating

LittleValve IFRs – the world’s ONLY sprinklers and sprinkler parts specifically designed and manufactured for water conservation! Resulting in Time and Labor Savings, Water Savings AND The Most Cost-Effective Water Conservation Products on the Market!

Irrigation Benefits of a LittleValve IFR System

Water, Time, and Labor Savings!

  • No more overspraying onto sidewalks, streets and buildings – Because you dial in your distance.
  • Significant water savings puts money in your pocket and is good for the environment.
  • Use only 15 foot ‘Spray’ nozzles while eliminating the smaller ones. IFRs can reduce 15′ nozzles down to 6’ with bigger, fatter, heavier droplets that resist wind drift and penetrate deeper.
  • Quadruples Toro’s Precision Rotating Nozzle range down to 18”. Triples Rain Bird’s 17-24 rotary nozzle range down to 5′ thus making Rain Bird’s two other sizes obsolete.
  • Turns Toro and Rain Bird’s Flat spray nozzles into the world’s best Micro-Sprays down to 2′.
  • Control side strips down to 7′ -8′ left/right.  Moreover, IFRs can turn Hunter’s SS530 side strip into a micro-spray 2′ – 3′ left/right.  Likewise, most ‘adjustable’ nozzles can be made into micro-sprays.
  • LittleValve IFRs override ALL high pressure, therefore, eliminating wasteful misting and fogging.
  • Also eliminates expensive PRS pop-up stems and PC screens.
  • Never touch the little screw on top of spray or rotating nozzles.
  • Easily controls distance ranges of above-grade, gear-driven rotors all the way to ‘OFF’ without touching diffusion screws.
  • R & R above-grade rotors without shutting off water to the system.
  • Above-grade ‘Drip’ systems with our new Micro-Stream Caps resulting in pinpoint watering replacing troublesome drip tubing.  Even more, Pressure Regulation is never needed.
  • Best of all, with on/off control at each sprinkler, save hours of time and labor with no more trips back and forth to a valve or controller.  Consequently, servicing clogged sprinklers or exchanging nozzles is now a breeze by just one person.

Conserva Irrigation, a Valvette Systems Affiliate

Use less water. Save money.

Conserva Irrigation is now in 40 U.S. markets, and is the only irrigation company founded solely on the principle of conservation.