The RX550 is a ½” Fitting having a MALE end typically at the upper end and a FEMALE end at the lower end. It has several uses. It is installed on top of existing ½” riser pipes (nipples) in shrub areas allowing the riser pipe to be elevated 2” and at the same time providing the sprinkler with all the LittleValve IFR capabilities and benefits.

The BS50 Drip fitting, which has FEMALE threads, can be attached to the RX550, which totally controls the flow exiting the BS50. It is also used for controlling above-grade, 1/2″ gear-driven rotor sprinklers that are located in shrub beds and on hillside slopes particularly in the Southern California region.

All RX550s come with a filter screen pre-installed into the top opening of the Riser Extender, which is larger than shown.

The RX550 is the preferred choice of LittleValve IFR parts for Valvette Systems’ line of Micro Stream Caps (MSC), which can be seen in the Drip & Micro Spray tab of the website.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

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