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Here you find the important information about 21st-Century sprinkler & shower conservation products arranged into 6 categories: Categories 1, 2 and 3, show the 3 different ways LittleValve parts – also known as In-stem Flow Regulators – are incorporated into sprinkler parts and demonstrated in the adjacent video. Category 4 shows how to use some of those parts for ‘Drip’ and Micro-Spray applications. Category 5 offers the tools one uses to facilitate the use of LittleValve parts.  There’s also one handy sprinkler tool to have if you do NOT have LittleValves but still helpful with them. Category 6 provides the right nozzles for the many ways water is conserved when sprinklers are brought into the 21st-Century.  This only happens with In-stem Flow Regulating (IFR) sprinklers and sprinkler parts. The nozzle is the attachment on top of the sprinkler from which water is actually emitted. The trick to LittleValves is knowing what nozzle to use.

LittleValve Sprinkler & Shower
Conservation Products Information

LittleValve IFR Sprinkler Information
[Categories 1 through 6]

The Only Sprinkler Parts that Make Sprinkler Head Maintenance Really Easy
With Pressure Regulation at Each and Every Sprinkler Head

NOTE: LittleValve replacement pop-up riser stems and Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers are always shipped out of the factory in the CLOSED position.

Contractors, ask your distributor for pop-up replacement risers for Toro 570s, Rain Bird 1800s, Hunter Pro-Sprays, Irritrol I-PRO, Weathermatic LX, Orbit, Hit and Nelsons. There are also universal male and female shrub bodies (shrub adapters,) 1/2″ and 3/4″ riser extenders and 1/2″ and 3/4″ couplings.

All LittleValve sprinkler products operate with easy-to-use Allen keys or wrenches. One size – 3/16″ – fits all except for the two 3/4″ fittings which use 1/4″ size. All six stationary products (shrub bodies and fittings) can be connected to threaded nipples with a convenient but inexpensive 5/8″ X 3/4″ open end wrench. You’ll find the open-end wrench and T-handled Allan wrenches in our catalogue in Category 5.

Small Allen keys that fit on keychains are included in product boxes at no charge

On-Off Control at Every Sprinkler

Using parts that contain LittleValves, replace original pop-up riser stems or install shrub bodies (shrub adapters) or couplings and you’ll be able to turn on and off water flow to the head below the nozzle.  This allows service to the nozzle area while the rest of the system is running. Pop-up risers stay in the extended-up position during flushing even while the nozzle is removed. This makes them completely available for you to service without the need for oddball tools, pull-up rings or radio-controlled apparatus.

Install LittleValve couplings or riser extenders below stationary heads and under above-grade rotors or impacts while the rest of the sprinklers on that system are running.  You’ll be able to stop and re-start water flow to a problem head for changing it out.  You can also clean lower screen areas of rotors with the system on.

In all cases, because of In-stem Flow Regulation (IFR), you have complete control over the sprinkler head and you have obstruction-free flushing of the lines.  And you’ll never have to leave the sprinkler you’re working on until the job is finished and the head is operating properly again.

Dial in Your Distance – Even Down to Drip or Micro-spray
with Pressure Regulation as a Bonus

Also you only need 15 to 18 foot radius nozzles because you can bring the spray down to 6 feet without closing down and no distortion. Better yet, with the proper nozzle take your spray all the way down to just a drip and replicate drip systems and micro-sprays.   You get ‘Drip’ without spaghetti tubing, pressure regulators, special filters and special valves. Plus, you’ll have the only parts on the market where you can mix sprays and drip on the same valve system.

LittleValve IFRs allow precise placement of the water exactly where you want it, provide the most uniform water application of any spray heads on the market and eliminate overspray and most of the misting caused by higher pressures.  At 14′ or under, they eliminate misting entirely.  LittleValve sprinkler parts and fittings are virtually unaffected by water pressure up to 175 psi or more. That means that in most cases, no pressure compensation nor pressure regulation of any kind is needed.

With LittleValve parts, you turn ordinary sprinklers into smooth-running, water conservation, maintenance-friendly irrigation systems.  The result is you save hours of labor and gallons of water.

IFR Technology & Function

In-Stem Flow Regulators are available in pop-up riser stem replacements for all major manufacturers in 4”, 6” and 12” sprinklers. Also available in ½” and ¾” couplings (fipt x fipt) and riser extenders (fipt x mipt) and shrub adapters. IFRs provide:

  1. on/off control at each sprinkler;
  2. ability to precisely dial in the distance of the water throw thereby eliminating over spray;
  3. higher uniformity of water application due to water entering the nozzle with less turbulence;
  4. ability to eliminate water-wasting misting and fogging as IFRs override ALL high pressure;
  5. elimination of excessive flow rates caused by high-pressure;
  6. quick servicing, flushing and change-outs of nozzles by one person because all IFRs shut down the water to a single sprinkler without affecting the others on the same line. PLUS IFR pop-up stems do not retract until the water to the system is turned off.

Category 1

Little Tuffy Pop-up Sprinklers

The world’s only water conservation Pop-up sprinklers

NOTE: All Little Tuffys are pressure-regulating sprinklers.


Little Tuffys and other LittleValve parts
combined with Toro’s PRN – Precision Rotary Nozzle
Is The Premier Sprinkler on the Planet:
(Scroll Down For Installation Help & Instructions)

Little Tuffy pop-ups truly complement the LittleValve Sprinkler & Shower conservation products lines by incorporating into their pop-up stems the unique LittleValve® In-stem Flow Regulator (IFR) technology with all of its labor and water saving benefits – INCLUDING PRESSURE REGULATION.

Little Tuffys are available in 4” and 6” pop-ups with catalogue numbers TUF4 and TUF6. They are compatible with all female nozzles.

Check valves for low-head drainage are available either packaged separately (25/bag) or pre-installed into the pop-up stem for a nominal extra charge.

For a nominal, extra charge, Little Tuffys are also available with purple caps for use with reclaimed water. Catalogue Numbers are TUF4PC or TUF6PC.

Little Tuffys are truly green sprinklers. In addition to saving water and labor, they do not use troublesome plastic flush caps. Little Tuffys are packaged with environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable cork stoppers in place of flush caps. Leave the cork in while installing the sprinkler as the wiper seal and riser stem area is sensitive to fine, silty soil. The cork protects that area during installation. After the cork is popped out, leave it on the ground or bury it with the sprinkler head as it will become compost in 4 – 6 months.

Boxes of Little Tuffys each contain 25 sprinklers. To operate the LittleValves, each box contains 2 LittleValve metal Allen keys (3/16″) that can be put onto a keychain. Additional keys are available upon request at no charge. We suggest that for just a few dollars, you purchase our red, T-handle Allen wrench (AW7187) for additional leverage. There will be times when you will need the extra leverage.

To protect the LittleValve from dirt and grit when operating at low volume [spraying 6′ or under], including drip or micro-spray mode, look for our Low Volume Application filter screens (LVA screens) that go into the bottom of any manufacturer’s pop-up stem (or can be placed onto the end of a Schedule 80 or cutoff riser for our stationary parts). LVA screens are available in bags of 25.

Why Little Tuffys are the World’s
ONLY Water Conservation Pop-up Sprinkler

Little Tuffy water saving pop-up sprinklers, of course, provide you with all the benefits of our other Little Valve parts, like eliminating overspray and most misting, getting rid of 5’, 8’ 10’ and 12’ nozzles; servicing or changing out nozzles while the water is on because pop-up stems do not retract until the water is shut off; eliminating all forms of pressure regulation; bringing sidestrips down to 2’ – 3’ left and right; better looking landscapes due to higher uniformity; AND being able to have drip and micro-spray applications, which can be installed on the same valve system as regular sprays without the use of ¼” tubing, emitters, Y strainers or pressure regulation.

Through controlled testing in 2003 with the Center for Irrigation Technology (C.I.T.) – located at Cal-State University in Fresno, CA, we learned that LittleValve sprinklers use approximately 82% less water during installation of new systems. We have improved on those procedures and now see that by properly installing LittleValve modified sprinklers or Little Tuffy pop-ups, the water savings during installation can reach over 90%.

Please note that Little Tuffy was put through the “3,000 Up & Down” test at the C.I.T. and passed with flying colors. Further, the new heads were field tested for 2 years at various locations with pressures from 165 p.s.i. up to 200 p.s.i.

A Neat Feature – Easy Wiper Seal Replacing

An additional feature is that Little Tuffy wiper seals are replaceable and are not expensive. The weakest element of a pop-up sprinkler is the wiper seal – the round, white, rubbery part in the center of the cap through which the pop-up stem pops up. When these go bad, the stem gets stuck in the ‘Up’ position and/or the seal also starts deteriorating to the point that water starts shooting out from between the seal and the stem. Wiper seal leaking is the first sign that your sprinkler is losing its efficiency.

Most manufacturers do not sell wiper seals separately and Rain Bird’s 1800 series pop-up wiper seals are co-molded with the cap, hence they don’t even have a separate wiper seal. Generally, when the wiper seals go bad on sprinklers, a complete, new sprinkler has to be purchased. In the case with Rain Bird 1800s, caps are available at irrigation distributors but usually cost the same or more than a whole new sprinkler.

The Little Tuffy is one of the few pop-up sprinklers on the market that makes easily available replacement wiper seals. They are sold in 5-ct bags and each seal costs 98 cents. It takes less than a minute to change out a Tuffy wiper seal.  In fact, all the separate parts of the Little Tuffy pop-up sprinkler can be purchased separately.  For the other parts, please contact us at (866) 200-8590 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Little Tuffy pop-ups are available with check valves that eliminate water-wasting low-head drainage.. They are also available with purple caps to be used with re-claimed or re-cycled water.

Ordinary Little Tuffys cost as follows:  4″ – $5.88; and 6″ – $10.77.  There is a savings when you buy them in boxes of 25.

When you receive your order of Little Tuffys, we urge you to read the Tips, Information & Instruction page that will be included with the products. On the backside you will find our Warranty. We also encourage you to read over the ‘Preferred Nozzles’ information page. The TUF4 is competitively priced. The TUF6 along with our check valves are exceptionally well-priced.

Trade customers: If the counter people at your distributor are not familiar with Little Tuffys or the other LittleValve parts, we urge you to call us between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. We will make the necessary arrangements with the distributor to ensure you promptly get the products you need.


For maximum water savings we strongly suggest the following:

Install your Little Tuffys making sure the surrounding soil grade meets the Tuffy caps + or – 1/4 inch above the bottom of the cap. [Little Tuffys are sensitive to fine, silty soil getting between pop-up riser stem and the wiper seal.] After completing the installation, turn on the water to the system, which will fully elevate the Tuffy pop-up stems, which, in turn, will force out the corks. (The corks will pop-out under pressure so stay clear of any sprinkler when turning on the system.) Since the pop-up stems are packaged in the ‘closed’ position, very little water will exit the stems until you open the LittleValves.

NOTE: The LittleValve stem in your Little Tuffy does NOT shut off 100%; it shuts off about 96% – 98%. Do not try to shut it down completely; that will not happen.

Remember, when the irrigation valve (RCV) is opened up, the system is now live. When the system is on, the pop-up stems will not retract. Go to the first sprinkler closest to the water valve (RCV), open the LittleValve to flush the lines and the sprinkler itself. After a good flushing, close the LittleValve. Then insert your nozzle filter screen, thread on the desired nozzle and then — keep the LittleValve closed down. Then go to the next sprinkler and repeat doing it the same way, and then onto the next until every head in the entire system is flushed, screened and nozzled. Upon the completion of flushing and nozzling all the heads, your job will be as dry as a bone – almost.

Then we suggest that you do NOT make your final adjustments to the system until your plants or lawn are installed. After planting is completed now turn on the system. The Little Tuffy pop-up stems will elevate but again very little water will exit them because you had them closed down from before when you flushed and nozzled after installation. Now you adjust the LittleValves until each sprinkler is throwing the water the distance you want it to.

CAUTION: If your installation was not a ‘clean’ installation such as having broken pipes or other ways in which dirt and rocks got into the piping, when you flush out the system, you will likely run into situations where you have to do it the ‘OLD’ way, which means removing the pop-up stem completely and flushing out all the debris through the open pop-up body. With ‘clean’ installations, you generally avoid that grief.

Additional tips and suggestions can be found in the Little Tuffy section of the “Tips, Instructions, Information” tab.
Live technical information can be obtained by calling us at the number below from 8am to 6pm – Pacific time.

Category 2

Pop-up Riser Stem Replacements

NOTE: All LittleValve pop-up stems are pressure-regulating

The only provider of 4″, 6″ and 12″ replacement stems for the major brands and some of the others, as well.  All our stems contain the ultimate in water conservation sprinkler technology, which is:

 In-stem Flow Regulation by LittleValve
with automatic pressure regulation

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Toro 570s, Irritrol I-Pros, Rain Bird 1800s, and 4″ and 12″ Hunter Pro-Sprays with LittleValve stems pre-installed can be special-ordered in case quantities  by contacting us at (866) 200-8590 – Pacific Standard time.

Use Low Volume Application screens inserted into the bottom of any pop-up stems for use when watering at distances of SIX feet or less with LittleValve parts.

Note: All LittleValve replacement stems are sold in the ‘Closed’ position.

4″ Stem Replacements

$4.85 each

6″ Stem Replacements

$7.18 each

12″ Stem Replacements

$12.55 each

for Little Tuffy – TUF4 and 4″ Hydro-Rain Model 100
for Little Tuffy – TUF6 and 6″ Hydro-Rain Model 100

POP410 *
for Rain Bird Model 1804
POP610 *
for Rain Bird Model 1806
POP1210 *
for Rain Bird Model 1812
for Toro Model 570Z
for Toro Model 570Z
for Toro Model 570Z
for 4″ Orbit 54457 and Hydro-Rain Model 200
for 6″ Orbit 54457 and Hydro-Rain Model 200
for 12″ Orbit 54457 and Hydro-Rain Model 200
for Hunter – Pro- 4
POP650 are no longer available. POP1250
for Hunter – Pro-12
POP470 *
for Weathermatic Model LX4
for Weathermatic Model LX6

for 4″ Irritrol – I-Pro 400
for 6″ Irritrol – I-Pro 600
for 12″ Irritrol – I-Pro 1200
Other Pop-up Replacement Stems

for 3″ Toro 570Z

Rain Bird Pop-up Riser Replacement Stems with Check Valve

Rain Bird Pop-up Riser Replacement Stems with Check Valve
POP410CK *
for Rain Bird Model 1804
Rain Bird Pop-up Riser Replacement Stems with Check Valve
POP610CK *
for Rain Bird Model 1806
Rain Bird Pop-up Riser Replacement Stems with Check Valve
POP1210CK *
for Rain Bird Model 1812

NOTE:  Toro 570 and Irritrol I-Pro stems can also be ordered with check valves pre-installed at the same costs as the Rain Bird stems.



LVA — Low Volume Application Screens –
use when watering 6 feet or less.

For insertion – tail first – into bottom of any Pop-up riser stem when watering (or throw) distance is less than 6′.
Little tabs on LVA screen lock it into place.

Sold in bags of 25 ($.47 each)

NOTE: When watering 6′ or less with stationary LittleValve parts, (Category 3 below,) you can use any manufacturer’s filter screen so long as the head of the screen is big enough that it doesn’t fall into opening of riser pipe or nipple.  Drop screen tail first into riser pipe, then thread on LittleValve part.

Category 3

Stationary, Above-Grade LittleValve Parts

NOTE:  All LittleValve sprinkler parts are pressure-regulating 

1/2″ and 3/4″ LittleValve parts and fittings to use when stationary sprinklers (non pop-ups) are permanently placed above grade (ground level.)  Stationary sprinklers are almost always used in shrub or ground cover areas or planters and also on hillside slopes.

 NOTE:  Stationary sprinklers and pop-up sprinklers use the same nozzles.

1/2″ PARTS Featuring LittleValve for Water Conservation

Stationary LittleValve Parts
Use with Female nozzles  MB200
Male Shrub Adapter (aka Male
Shrub Body)
Stationary LittleValve Parts
Use with Male nozzles
Female Shrub Adapter (aka Female Shrub Body)
Stationary LittleValve Parts
½” Male thread at one end
½” Female thread at other end
w/ Filter screen pre-installed
1/2″ Riser Extender
Stationary LittleValve Parts
½ Female threads at both ends  CP050
 1/2″ Coupling

The 1/2″ LittleValve Coupling to the left is used with the ordinary shrub adapters you see below.

Using any length 1/2″ Riser Pipe, you must join an Ordinary Shrub Adapter to a CP050 whenever a Precision Rotating Nozzle or a Precision Spray Nozzle is being used in a stationary setting, for example, in shrub beds.

See the picture to the right                                                        →

NOTE: To see detailed information on this, go to the “How do I Know What to Buy” tab, then scroll down to no. 4.


Other Items to Use With 1/2″ LittleValve Stationary Above Grade Parts
For FEMALE Nozzles
For FEMALE Nozzles
½” Female threads for attachment to a 1/2″ Riser pipe (also known as 1/2″ nipple)                              OMS
Ordinary Male Shrub Adapter
$ 1.24
For MALE Nozzles
For MALE Nozzles
½” Female threads for attachment to a 1/2″ Riser pipe (also known as 1/2″ nipple)
Ordinary Female Shrub Adapter
$ 1.32

3/4″ PARTS

3/4″ parts are primarily used to control above-grade rotors and impact sprinklers.  If the rotor is installed IN the ground, usually LittleValve parts won’t help.  But shrub rotors and rotors on hillside slopes are often installed above the ground allowing access to the LittleValve screw.

With either of these parts under your above-grade rotor, you will never have to use the ‘diffusion’ screw to control the water distance.  You’ll do that through the LittleValve instead, which allows for pinpoint watering with any size nozzle or any type of arc you want.   Plus a rotor that, for example, waters at a 40 feet radius can now be reduced down to 12 or 13 feet. And, of course, maintenance of rotors is so easy with LittleValve parts allowing you to shut off the rotor completely while the water to the system is still turned on.

The two 3/4″ parts require a 1/4″ Allen wrench.   We provide them with each order of 3/4″ parts.  However, we also sell a larger, red-handle, T-handle version. as well.

Stationary LittleValve Parts
3/4″ Female threads at both ends
3/4″ Coupling
$ 6.62
Stationary LittleValve Parts
3/4″ Male thread at one end, 3/4″ Female thread at other end
3/4″ Riser Extender
$ 6.62

Category 4

Drip & Micro Spray Product Information

Water Saving Sprinkler Information for LittleValve Pinpoint Watering
with Above Grade Drip Systems 
and Micro-Spray Sprinklers

Where pressure regulation is always built in

Section A:  LittleValve Above-Grade ‘Drip’ Applications

NOTE:  Water usage in Drip systems is measured in gph and gpm – (gallons per hour and gallons per minute)

1.    Micro Stream Caps (MSC).  1/2″, black PVC plastic, female-threaded caps.  Caps have pre-drilled holes that serve as emitters of streams of water, which are controllable to pre-determined gpms and distances when used with LittleValve IFR parts regardless of pressure. Caps are available in three (3) sizes of stream holes with 12 different configurations or patterns for each of the 3 stream sizes.  The Caps are labeled for easy identification.

Micro Stream Caps can be installed into new or existing sprinkler systems.  Using the appropriate LittleValve parts, they can be connected onto stationary above-grade sprinkler risers OR into pop-up sprinklers that have male-threaded pop-up stems which accept only female-threaded nozzles, i.e. Little Tuffy, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Hunter, Weathermatic, Orbit.



Application for stationary above-ground sprinklers

3 Components

No.1:  The tall part is our 1/2″ Riser extender. [RX550]  The bottom section has 1/2″ female threads that connect to a riser pipe.  The red part is the filter screen.  The part on the right is the Micro Stream Cap.  This particular cap has 2  ‘B’ sized stream holes that shoot out 45° aparts.

Filter Screen Inserted into Riser ExtenderNo. 2: The filter screen is inserted – upside down – into the top of the Riser extender. Normally, the RX550 and the screen are sold together as shown. Fully AssembledNo. 3:  Other than the 1/2″ riser pipe that extends upwards from below the soil level, this is the fully-assembled Micro Stream Cap.  This one has 3 ‘C’ sized stream holes (the largest hole) that shoot the streams out in a 90° pattern.

Application for pop-up sprinklers

4 Components

No.1:  The small item on the left is the PA80 adapter (from Rain Bird.) The small item on the right is the MSC.  Notice the blue filter screen is inserted into the pop-up riser stem before the other 2 items.

Adapter Connected to Pop-up Stem
No. 2:  The PA80 adapter is threaded onto the top of the pop-up riser stem over the screen.
Fully Assembled MSC Connected to Adapter
No. 3:  Lastly, the MSC is threaded onto the PA80 adapter.  You’re good to go. Just turn on the water and adjust the distance of the streams coming out of the MSC by turning the little Allen screw on the side of the stem with the Allen key that comes with your LittleValve parts.


      MSC Part no. shown:    C – 2 – 90        
Location:   Roadrunner Club RV lot.
City of Santa Clarita
  Landscape Contractor:  SLM Services,
Simi Valley, CA                  Feb, 2018

2.    BS50 – Single stream above-grade ‘Drip’ sprinkler.  The BS50 fitting (with ½” female threads,) can be threaded onto our RX550 – ½” Riser Extender or directly onto any length ½” threaded pipe or nipple, which is then connected to our CP050 – ½” Coupling.  We also call this a ‘Single Plant Drip Fitting’.   See the 6 pictures directly below.  Like the Micro Stream Caps, BS50s can be installed onto stationary risers or onto male-threaded pop-up stems.

For Above-grade ‘DRIP’
For Above-grade DRIP
½” Female threads
Optional: 1/4″ tubing can be
attached to tip
1/2″ ‘Drip’ Fitting
BS50 Fitting
BS50 Fitting with 1/8″ Tubing Attached to Barbed Connector

NOTE: To purchase BS50 Fitting, go to “Stationary LittleValve Parts” within “Buy Products Here” tab.

BS50 Fitting Connected to RX550
BS50 Fitting Connected to RX550 –
Filter screens provided when the two are purchased together
BS50 Fitting Connected to Riser Pipe and CP050
BS50 Fitting Connected to Riser Pipe and CP050
BS50 in conjunction with RX550
BS50 in conjunction with RX550
See the BS50 calculations in table
at bottom of this page.
BS50 in conjunction with CP050
BS50 in conjunction with CP050
18″ Stream from the BS50 is using
9.6 GPH or  .16 GPM

3.   5-foot Center strip nozzles.  To water 2 plants at the same time, a 5-foot center strip nozzle can be used.  Locate the sprinkler between the 2 plants.  5-foot center strip nozzles are available in both male and female threaded nozzles, hence can be used in stationary applications and in all pop-up sprinkler brands.  See the 2 pictures directly below.

Notice that when you install the sprinkler in between 2 plants with LittleValve parts, you can pinpoint the streams to put the water right at the base of each plant without watering the ground between them.  This is fine for areas with just dirt or mulch and you don’t wish to grow weeds.  If you have ground cover or flowers, then use 15′ center strips nozzles instead of 5′ center strips.

Sprinkler Sprinkler

4.    5’ stream bubblers nozzles.  Great for drip applications putting out about 1/4 gallon per minute at distances of about 9 inches diameter.  For low-volume applications, generally use them for shrub areas having a distance range of 9 inches up to 4 – 5 feet.  Available in patterns of 1/4 circle – 2 streams, 1/2 circle – 4 streams, and full circle – 6 streams.  Also available in both male and female threaded nozzles and can be used in stationary applications and in all pop-up sprinkler brands.

NOTE:  We recommend that you do not try to use throw distances LESS than what is described above.  In time, they will likely close down on you.

Section B:  LittleValve Above-Grade ‘Micro-Spray’ Applications

For Pop-ups and Stationary Above-grade Applications

Female Nozzles:  Use Rain Bird’s 8’ Flat nozzle (NOT the regular, green 8’ nozzle.)  Available in 1/4 circle and 1/2 circle spray patterns.
Hunter’s SS530 side strip nozzle can also be adjusted down to a micro-spray of about 2 feet.

Male Nozzles: Use Toro’s Flat spray nozzle. Available in 1/4 circle, 1/2 circle and full circle patterns.

Oftentimes a 6’ VAN makes a good micro-spray and works well for irregular planter areas.  VANs (Variable Arc Nozzle) are producd by almost all sprinkler manufacturing companies.

With the LittleValve, adjust spray down to a, 18” to 60” radius.

Remember though, Toro’s Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) can be brought down to a radius of 14 -18 inches or more, which qualifies it as a Micro-Spray nozzle, as well. (See the 18″ video at the bottom of the ‘PRN/LittleValve Combo’ tab page.)

You will find that LittleValve Micro-Spray is the least troublesome micro-spray available on the market today and requires no pressure-regulation.

Sprinkler LittleValve Micro-Spray



(Male Shrub Adapter) 

Watering distance in picture is from 36″- 42″

     Water usage is approximately 1/3 GPM 
or 18.5 GPH.


1.   When using LittleValve replacement pop-up stems or Little Tuffy pop-ups in drip or micro-spray mode or when spraying under 6 feet, we strongly recommend LVA ( Low Volume Application) filter screens.   Insert them under the LittleValve – tail first – into the bottom of the pop-up stem. Push screen into bottom of stem until it locks in place.  LVA screens are available here or from your LittleValve distributor in 25/ct bags.

With LittleValve above-grade shrub adapters, couplings or riser extenders, it is not necessary to purchase LVA Screens.  You can use any manufacturer’s filter screen, i.e., Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter, etc.  Place filter screen into the opening of a Schedule 80 or cut-off riser, tail down into riser opening. Screen will not fall into riser opening.  Then thread LittleValve part onto riser right over the screen.

2.   When using LittleValve parts and Little Tuffy Pop-ups, even in drip and micro-spray mode, pressure regulation is never needed regardless of how high the pressure. ALL LittleValve sprinkler parts and Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers are pressure-regulating sprinklers or sprinkler parts.

3.   Remember, each nozzle is individually controlled by the LittleValve screw.   So drips, micro-sprays and regular sprays can be mixed on the same valve system if the math works.

4.  One of the more flexible features of LittleValve products is the ability to have LittleValve ‘Drip’ or LittleValve ‘Micro-Spray’ on a pop-up sprinkler as easy as having it on a stationary fixed-height shrub adapter.

5.   NEW:  We have taken a 5′ center strip nozzle and closed up one of the orifices so that the center-strip nozzle emits water only out of one side. In so doing, we have created a single-plant Drip Fitting. These nozzles are available on special request. They are available in Female and Male styles. We use Rain Bird’s 5CST-B nozzle for Female style and Toro’s SB-2-180 for Male style.  [See right side picture at top of this page]

With this New application, we recommend a minimum distance of 18″ – 24″ from nozzle to plant.  There is a concern that if the ‘throw’ distance is less, the distance may reduce over time.  We have learned that in pop-ups, the distance maintains well at 20 inches or more.

6.  When mixing drip application with micro-sprays and/or regular sprays on the same valve, special low-flow valves are NOT necessary. BUT, when all heads are in drip mode, a low-flow valve may be necessary.

CALCULATIONS:               Note:  For Micro Stream Cap calculations, scroll back up to near the beginning of this Category.  Look to the right of the Pattern sheet.

A.  5-foot center strip nozzles adjusted down to a 24” throw use approximately 6.5 gallons per hour or .11 gpm.

B.  BS50 calculations table at various distances:
NOTE:  All distances are measured from sprinkler to the point where water strikes the surrounding grade with the top of sprinkler head assembly being 7 inches above grade.


9 inches
12 inches
15 inches
18 inches
30 inches
Gallons per hour (GPH)

Gallons per minute (GPM)


C. Micro-Spray tests with a Rain Bird ½ circle 8’ Flat nozzle adjusted down to 27” – 36″, the usage is .26 gpm or 15 – 16 gallons per hour  (approximately 1/4 gpm).  At a 36” to 40” radius, the usage is .31 gpm or 18.4 gallons per hour (less than 1/3 gpm).

Category 5

LittleValve Tools

Tools to facilitate working with Little Tuffy pop-ups and LittleValve parts.

Tools to use with LittleValve Parts

NOTE: Small LittleValve Allen keys are free.

LittleValve Tools


3/16″ T-Handle Allen Wrench


LittleValve Tools


1/4″ T-Handle Allen Wrench


LittleValve Tools


5/8″ X 3/4″ Open End Wrench

$ 2.50


LittleValve Tools


6 1/2” Blue-Handle Channellocks


Fabulous Flushing Cross


Fabulous Flushing Cross Sprinkler

Head Tool


Fabulous Flushing Cross Fabulous Flushing Cross

The Flushing Cross sprinkler head tool is the world’s best sprinkler head tool on the market for working on sprinklers that do not have LittleValve parts. It works on all plastic sprinklers and even allows for reading the system pressure plus remote flushing or watering.

Flushing Cross Demo Video

Benefits of Fabulous Flushing Cross

Category 6

Water Saving Nozzles for your Little Tuffys and LittleValve Parts

NOTE: The trick to LittleValve IFRs is knowing what nozzles to use.

We feature Toro’s lines of water conservation nozzles:  Precision Rotating Nozzles – PRN
&  Precision Spray Nozzles – PSN, along with other nozzles to help conserve water.

The PRNs and PSNs, are on the Southern California Metropolitan Water District’s Rebate list.

NOTE: Toro’s PRNs and PSNs are available in both Male and Female threads for use with all makes and models of plastic sprinklers.

 With LittleValve parts, never, touch the little screw on top of the nozzle.

All distance adjustment is made through the LittleValve IFR.

Nozzle Application Notes:

·         Little Tuffys use only Female threaded Nozzles

·         Female nozzles are used on the following sprinklers:
Little Tuffy, Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Nelson, Weathermatic, Orbit, Hit 900

·         Male nozzles are used on the following sprinklers:
Toro, K-Rain, Hit (certain models)

Toro™ Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) paired with In-stem Flow Regulators

=    the PRN/LittleValve Combo

LittleValves with PRNs – The no. 1 water saving sprinkler in America for


The PRN/LittleValve is an unbeatable combo that clearly provides the world’s most flexible rotating sprinkler, the easiest to service and covers the broadest arc and distance ranges than any other nozzle made today.

The arc range is from 45° to 270°.  The distance range is from 18 inches – regardless of pressure,
up to 20 – 25 feet – depending on pressure

Available in both FEMALE and MALE styles.

When combined with LittleValve parts, the two PRN models – ‘Adjustable’ and ‘Full Circle’ – replace all ordinary spray nozzles – including ALL of the different distance models and ALL the different arc models, for a total of 121 Rain Bird and Hunter radius nozzles.  The only nozzles they can’t replace are side strips and center strips, which are not radius nozzles.

TUF4s and TUF6s can be purchased here in tandem with Toro’s new PRN, which are also sold as a separate item. The Precision Rotating Nozzle is on the rebate list of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) for water conservation products.   Little Tuffys are on the MWD’s commercial rebate list.

Toro’s PRN in combination with LittleValve parts is so effective that Toro 570z sprinklers – 3″, 4″, 6″ and 12″ can be special-ordered at authorized irrigation distribution outlets with LittleValve stems pre-installed.   Extremely accurate, great flexibility.  Toro’s PRN is one of four rotating nozzle brands on the market. With the LittleValve, it is indisputably the premier rotary available.  The distance and arc range of the PRN/LittleValve Combo simply cannot be beat.  To get a visual perspective of how vastly larger is the range of a single Precision Rotating Nozzle compared to every other spray or rotary nozzle on the market, please click on the link below:

Toro’s Precision Spray Nozzle (PSN)

Also available for purchase are 15-ft radius PSNs pre-installed on Little Tuffys or sold separately in 9 different arcs – from 60 degrees up to 360.

With very high efficiency and varied selection of spray arcs, the PSN won the Product of the Year’ award at the 2008 Irrigation Association meeting. (San Diego, CA)

We sell only 15′ models because with IFRs, you generally don’t want smaller sizes. The LittleValve IFR can bring the radius of any 15′ nozzle down to about 6 feet. The result is heavier droplets that penetrate the soil deeper, diffuse throughout the soil better and resist wind drift much more than any smaller size nozzle can.

PSNs are available in MALE and FEMALE styles.

Precision Spray Nozzle side strips and corner strips for watering narrow planter areas can be mixed with PRN sprinklers as their flow rates are similar.

NOTE:  In commercial installations, PRNs, PSNs, Little Tuffys and LittleValve parts are 
all rebatable under the Southern California Metropolitan Water District program.


                        Scroll below to review the Nozzles and prices available in the following 3 Sections:


                        Section 1:     Precision Rotating Nozzles                   (PRN)


                        Section 2:     Precision Spray Nozzles                        (PSN)


                        Section 3:     Regular Spray Nozzles


Precision Rotating Nozzles                  $8.87 each                            Female and Male threaded available

Available on this site, at irrigation distributors and many hardware-style retailers


                      Adjustable Precision Rotating Nozzles (PRN) by Toro

·                     Adjustable: range from 45° – 270°

·                     Radius Distance Range:  18″ regardless of pressure to 25′ depending on                                             pressure.

·                     Nominal maximum Distance: 20′ – 24′

Distance information assumes the nozzle is connected to a LittleValve part.

PRN [FA] Female


PRN [MA] Male


Full Circle Precision Rotating Nozzles (PRN) by Toro

Radius Distance Range:  2′ regardless of pressure to 22′ depending on pressure.

           Nominal maximum distance is 18′ – 22′

PRN [FF] Female

Full Circle

PRN [MF] Male

Full Circle


Precision Spray Nozzles             $3.87 Each                     Female and Male threaded available

Available on this site, at irrigation distributors and some hardware-style retailers.

15 ‘ Radius Low-Flow Precision Spray Nozzles (PSN) by Toro.

Remember: With LittleValve parts, you don’t need other sizes because LittleValves (In-Stem Flow Regulators) take 15 ft. nozzles down to about a 6 foot radius.

·         Fixed Arcs & Patterns:  60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°, 210°, 240°, 270° and 360°.

·         Plus 4′ X 30′ side strips (ss) and 4′ X 15′ left and right corner strips.

·         Radius Distance Range:  6′ – 15′.

PSN – Female Thread


PSN –  Male Thread



PSN-F 60°


PSN-F 90° PSN-F 120° PSN-M 60° PSN-M 90°  

PSN-M 120°



PSN-F 150°



PSN-F 180°



PSN-F 210°



PSN-M 150°



PSN-M 180°



PSN-M 210°


PSN-F 240° PSN-F 270°  

PSN-F 360°



PSN-M 240°



PSN-M 270°



PSN-M 360°























Regular Spray Nozzles

NOTE:   All Regular Spray Nozzles Come With Filter Screens.

Available on this site and some irrigation distributors.

NOTE for FIXED Spray Arcs: With LittleValve parts, 15 nozzles can be reduced down to about 6 1/2 feet radius. The smaller, fixed-spray radius nozzles are no longer needed and, in fact, by using them, efficiency will be lost. The FIXED Flat spray nozzles are to be used ONLY when watering under 6 – 6 1/2, which are generally referred to as “Micro-Spray” distances.

Fixed Arc Patterns  $2.26  each

15 radius nozzles by Irritrol                            15′ radius nozzles by Toro
    FEMALE threaded                                                MALE threaded

                                 Radius distance range:  6′ – 15

                                                3 Arcs:

1/4 circle – 90°              1/2 circle – 180°            Full circle – 360º


Fixed Arc Flat Sprays  $2.46 each

Fixed flat spray nozzles by Rain Bird –                                              Fixed flat spray nozzles by Toro –
Female Threaded                                                                                 Male threaded
Rain Bird Catalogue No: 8 FLAT – (Q or H)                                   Toro Catalogue No: FS_ 570  (Q, H or F)

                        2 Arcs                                                                                          3 Arcs

1/4 circle – 90º           1/2 circle – 180°                        1/4 circle – 90º    1/2 circle – 180°    full circle – 360°

                                                                  Trajectory is only 5 degrees.

                                                 Suggested radius distance range:  2 1/2′ – 6 1/2′


Adjustable Arc Sprays (VAN)  $2.86 each

Variable Arcs from 15° to 360°

Adjustable spray nozzles by Irritrol                                    Adjustable spray nozzles by Toro
FEMALE threaded                                                                  MALE threaded

                                                           4 sizes from 8′ – 17′

                              8  ft                                                                           10 ft

                             12 ft                                                                           17 ft


Side Strips     $2.46 each                   

by Hunter Industries

Fixed Pattern: 5′ X 30′
(5′ to the front and 15′ to the left and 15′ to the right)

Minimum Left-Right Distance Range: 2′ – 5′

FEMALE threaded

Hunter Catalogue No: SS530

Left Corner Strips              $2.46 each

By  Hunter  Industries

Fixed Pattern: 5′ X 15′.
(5′ to the front and 15′ to the right.)

Distance Range to the Right: 5′ – 15′.

FEMALE threaded

Hunter Catalogue No: LCS515

Right Corner Strips            $2.46 each

 By  Hunter Industries

Fixed Pattern: 5′ X 15′.
(5′ to the front and 15′ to the left.)

Distance Range to the Left: 5′ – 15′.

FEMALE threaded

Hunter Catalogue No: RCS515