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About Valvette Systems

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Sprinkler & Shower Water Conservation

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Sprinkler & Shower water conservation has been the object of Valvette Systems since 2002.  We make the world’s ONLY sprinklers designed for water conservation.  All our products and parts feature LittleValves, a 21st-century technology.  LittleValves are the only operating/functioning change to sprinklers since plastic sprinklers were introduced in the 1960s.   The generic name  – “In-stem Flow Regulation”, came from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), the nations’ largest seller of treated water.  Consequently, In-stem Flow Regulators (IFRs) are the ONLY sprinkler parts on the MWD rebate list.  [The MWD rebate program is a cooperative effort with the U.S. Department of Reclamation.]  

Hence, we describe our parts as “In-stem Flow Regulation powered by LittleValve”. 

Valvette Systems is the ONLY manufacturer of sprinklers owned by a licensed landscape and irrigation contractor.  LittleValves came about directly as a way to help avoid constant but avoidable irrigation problems encountered in landscape projects.

Our Sprinkler Parts & Products

Our sprinkler conservation parts connect directly to sprinkler head assemblies normally found in most residential and commercial sprinkler systems.  They all contain our proprietary In-Stem Flow Regulator (IFR.)  IFRs control water flow prior to going into the nozzle, and therefore, creating a slew of benefits.   

We produce replacement pop-up sprinkler riser stems, parts for above-grade shrub-type sprinklers, 1/2” and 3/4” fittings, and our own Pop-up brand – Little Tuffys.  We make the parts necessary for sprinklers & shower water conservation.  In-stem Flow Regulation gives you control over sprinklers you’ve never had before.

Our Newest Contribution to
Sprinkler & Shower Water Conservation 

We proudly introduce 2 new products for the interior plumbing of any building with showers especially with lots of showers.  Water-saving LittleValve Shower Arms and Shower Arm Adapters employ the same IFR technology used in our sprinkler parts.  They create huge economic and  conservation benefits for hotels, motels, schools, dormitories, apartment buildings, military bases, large ships and more.

These shower conservation products will soon be one of the biggest water and energy savers available to those facilities.  Conservation takes place because they are directed to the entity paying the utility costs – NOT the person in the shower.  They save water BUT also save heating it PLUS sewer charges calculated on water usage.  Therefore, money is saved from 3 different parts of a common utility bill. 

Homeowners Also Benefit

The benefits also apply to homes,  especially, if there are children or guests that love to spend hours in the shower.  The Shower Arm Adapter is likely the product of choice for homeowners due to its 5-minute installation and lower price. 

LittleValve Shower Arm conservation products save water and energy before water reaches the shower head, regardless of kind or brand. 

Remember, the person who installs or maintains the Shower Arms or Adapters determines the water flow.  IFR Shower Arms take water usage control from shower user and gives control to person paying utility bills.