LittleValve Shower Arm


Model: LittleValve Shower Arm

Shower heads are attached to shower arms of which both ends have 1/2″ IPT male threads. The little valve in our Shower Arms allows for total control of the water flow to any shower head. The Shower Arm has a chrome finish but can be special-ordered with different finishes. Also available are 8″ arms for $46.00.

With the little valve on the underside, the control of water usage goes to the person or entity paying the utility bills. Big money savings in 3 different ways: water charges, sewer fees and water heating costs. Recover purchase costs in 4 to 6 months including installation. Exact water & money savings depend on water pressure (PSI) and make/model of shower head. Saves water & money even with low-flow shower heads.

Significantly large financial benefits for hotels, motels, gymnasiums, sports centers, community shower facilities, apartments where water is NOT separately metered, military bases, ships and boats. For homes, use for the guest bathroom and in the showers that the kids use, especially for those kids that love to lounge forever in the shower.

If you are water conservation conscious, then use in your own shower and set it for your own comfort.

Use wherever the person taking the shower is NOT paying for the water. Management (or parents) decide on the gallons per minute flow (GPM) exiting the shower head. Up to 21% savings with little difference in the feel of the shower. When conservation is the prime consideration, provides a decent shower even at 30% savings or more.


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Weight 3.8 lbs

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