Model No: MB200

Male Shrub Adapter (aka Female Body) with bottom section having 1/2″ female threads in order to be permanently connected above-grade to a stationary 1/2″ riser pipe (nipple). Top section designed to receive FEMALE threaded nozzles, i.e Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, Weathermatic, etc. Use in planter areas or on slopes with bushes or ground cover. Generally NOT used in lawn areas because the adapter is a stationary part that stays above grade, generally not compatible with lawnmowers or bare feet.

Shrub adapters are also not used by professionals when sprinklers are located along sidewalks as pedestrians can trip over them. Their biggest advantage is they have no moving parts that pop-up sprinklers have. Also, much less obtrusive than pop-ups in planter areas when elevated higher and higher due to plant growth.

Note, that nozzle filter screens do not fit into the MB200, therefore, if desired, must be installed underneath the part.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

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