BS50 — Above-grade Drip fitting


Model No: BS50

1/2″ Female threaded Fitting for single-plant ‘Drip’ application to be used in conjunction with LittleValve RX550 – 1/2″ Riser extender OR CP050 – 1/2 ” Coupling. Minimum application rate: 4.3 Gallons Per Hour.

Can be tied in with any other sprinkler types even if the other sprinklers are not LittleValves..

Excellent method for replicating troublesome ‘below-grade’ or ‘at grade’ drip tubing. All water flow control to plant or its surrounding area is via the Riser extender or the Coupling. And Pressure Regulation is never needed.

Note that water exit tip is barbed allowing for attachment of 1/4″ tubing for spreading water at or near any plant.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs

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