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With LittleValve In-stem Flow Regulating (IFR) Parts,
every sprinkler and nozzle you buy:

  • Saves Water
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Labor
  • and Works Better

Nationwide, you'll find the water-conservation sprinkler heads and parts you need when you look to Valvette Systems. Our proprietary IFR sprinkler parts and Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers were specifically designed and engineered to save water, time, and labor by two irrigation professionals from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, with a combined 95 years of experience.

LittleValve Sprinkler Parts Include Pop-up Riser Replacement Stems with In-stem Flow Regulators for most sprinkler manufacturers as well as stationary above-grade parts.

See the LittleValve Product Video.

Pinpoint the precise area you want watered, eliminate overspray, and say goodbye to 5, 8, 10, and 12-foot nozzles.
LittleValves can bring the spray from a 15' radius down to six feet without distortion and without closing down. 15-foot 
nozzles clog up less, eliminate wasteful misting/fogging, are much easier to clean, plus they resist wind-drift better and the
droplets penetrate into the soil deeper, reducing watering time significantly.

Further, there's no need for special tools to hold the riser up while flushing the lines or switching nozzles. Upon turning on
the water, LittleValve pop-up risers remain in the 'UP' position to prevent dirty water from getting into the lines, as well as for easier servicing and do not retract until the system is shut off.

The 3 pictures below are from Trial No. 4 of the Metropolitan Water District testing.  See Test Data tab.

Look at the difference with this first pair of pictures showing a single zone
in a 12-foot wide median strip with 12' MPR nozzles WITHOUT LittleValves.
Notice in these pictures the loss of water via misting/fogging due to high pressure
coupled with smaller nozzles - along with over spraying into the street. 
This zone has 41 sprinklers in it.

Sprinklers Sprinklers

Now look at this picture to the right of an adjacent zone in the same 12' wide median strip, also with 41 sprinklers but with 15' nozzles and LittleValve parts, (in this case, Little Tuffy pop-ups.) Notice the obvious lack of water-wasting misting/fogging and literally no over spraying onto the street.

These three pictures are of a 12'-wide grass median strip on Lost Hills Road in the City of Calabasas, California.  The picture to the right shows sprinklers with In-stem Flow Regulators (LittleValves) with 15' nozzles.   There is not matched precipitation.  The 2 upper pictures are an adjacent valve section of the median strip with the same amount of sprinklers (41).   These sprinklers are regular 6" pop-ups with 12' MPR nozzles - hence with matched precipitation.

As can be seen in Trial No. 4 of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) testing, the first test in the Test Data tab, the non-matched precipitation sprinklers with LittleValve IFRs saved 33.5% more water than the matched precipitation sprinklers.  See pages 3 and 12 of the MWD testing for the relevant data.    


Little Tuffy Pop-ups

Little Tuffy Pop-ups - the only pop-up sprinkler made to save water

These pop-up sprinkler heads incorporate LittleValve's® In-stem Flow Regulator technology, along with all of its water-saving and labor-saving benefits. Little Tuffys are available in four inch (TUF4) and six inch (TUF6) pop-ups that are compatible with all female nozzles. Check valves for low-head drainage are available separately (25/bag), or can be bought pre-installed into the pop-up stem. Little Tuffys are also available with purple caps for use in re-claimed water systems.

The weakest element of a pop-up sprinkler is the wiper seal - the round, white, rubbery part in the center of the cap 
through which the pop-up stem pops up.  When these go bad, the stem gets stuck in the 'Up' position and/or the seal 
also starts deteriorating to the point that water starts shooting out from between the seal and the stem.

The Little Tuffy is the only sprinkler on the market that makes easily available replacement wiper seals.  They are sold in  
5-ct bags and each seal costs only about 53 cents  - retail.  It takes less than a minute to change out a Tuffy wiper seal.

Toro™ Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) paired with In-stem Flow Regulators  =

the PRN/LittleValve Combo

LittleValves with PRNs - The no. 1 water saving sprinkler in America for


The PRN/LittleValve is an unbeatable combo that clearly provides the world's most flexible rotating sprinkler, the easiest to service and covers the broadest arc and distance ranges than any other nozzle made today.

The arc range is from 45° to 270°.  The distance range is from 18 inches - regardless of pressure - up to 20 - 28 feet - depending on pressure.  

Available in both FEMALE and MALE styles.

When combined with LittleValve parts, the two PRN models - 'Adjustable' and 'Full Circle' - replace all ordinary spray nozzles - including ALL of the different distance models and ALL the different arc models, for a total of 121 Rain Bird and Hunter radius nozzles.  The only nozzles they can't replace are side strips and center strips, which are not radius nozzles.


TUF4s and TUF6s can be purchased here in tandem with Toro's new PRN, which are also sold as a separate item. The Precision Rotating
Nozzle is on the rebate list of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for water conservation products.   Little Tuffys are on 
the MWD's commercial rebate list.

Toro's PRN in combination with LittleValve parts is so effective that Toro 570z sprinklers - 3", 4", 6" and 12" can be special-ordered at authorized irrigation distribution outlets with LittleValve stems pre-installed.  Extremely accurate, great flexibility.

Click here to go directly to PRN/LittleValve Combo tab to see the 11 pages of videos and pictures

Toro's Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) is one of four rotating nozzle brands on the market. With the LittleValve, it is
indisputably the premier rotary available. The distance and arc range of the PRN/LittleValve Combo simply cannot
be beat. To get a visual perspective of how vastly larger is the range of a single Precision Rotating Nozzle compared 
to every other rotary nozzle on the market, please click on the link below:

Click here for Comparison Chart of Distance and Arc Models - Rotary Nozzles

Toro's Precision Spray Nozzle (PSN)

Toro's Precision Spray Nozzle (PSN)

Also available for purchase are 15-ft radius PSNs pre-installed on Little Tuffys or sold separately in 9 different arcs - from 60 degrees up to 360. Because of its very high efficiency and varied selection of spray arcs, the PSN won Product of the Year' award at the 2008 Irrigation Association meeting. (San Diego, CA)

We sell only 15' models because with LittleValves you don't want the smaller sizes.  The LittleValve IFR is able to bring the distance of any 15' nozzle down to about 6 feet.  The result is heavier droplets that penetrate the soil deeper, diffuse throughout the soil better and resist wind drift much more than any smaller size nozzle can.

PSNs are available in MALE and FEMALE styles. 

PSN side strips and corner strips can be used in PRN systems for watering narrow planter areas as their flow rates are similar.

NOTE:  In commercial installations, PRNs, PSNs, Little Tuffys and LittleValve parts are 
all rebatable under the Southern California Metropolitan Water District program. 

Contact us for more information about these sprinkler parts and their water and labor saving features.

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