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Water Conservation Shower Arms & Shower Arm Adapters

Featuring LittleValve Water Conservation Technology

Save BIG on WaterWater Heating CostsSewer Charges
  • Huge Return on Investment for hotels, schools, military bases & more.
  • Management adjusts water flow with tool before reaching showerhead.
  • 5-minute Adapter install gives parents the same water flow control at home.
  • Save on all 3 utility costs with any showerhead on the market.
  • SAVE 7% – 15% immediately upon installation – shower feels the same.
  • A decent shower even when water flow is reduced 21 – 25%.
  • Turns every showerhead into a low-flow showerhead.

Takes control of water usage from person in the shower,

Gives control to person paying the bills.

Nice, chrome-plated 6 inch Shower Arm for that nicer, professional look.
8 inch arm available:  $46.00

                                                                     [Adjustment tools shown above Included]

Promotional Cost:    $ 36.00
Retail Cost:    $ 42.00

Pays for itself in  4 – 6 months

                   Call:   (866) 200-8590
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time


Shower Arm Adapter – O.K. Chrome job, when installed between existing arm and shower head; not noticeable.


Retail  Cost:   $ 19.00

Pays for itself in 2 – 3 months