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Test Data & Water Savings Reports

Section 1:   Test Data        

Section 2:   Water Savings Reports from Conversions

Section 1:

Click Links for Test Data Info:

Metropolitan Water District

Trials held from
June, 2010 - June 2011

Uniformity Testing


Center for Irrigation Technology



City of Agoura Hills, CA
Trial No. 1

March - December, 2008

City of Agoura Hills, CA
Trial No. 2 

October, 2008

City of Agoura Hills, CA
Trial No. 3 

August - December, 2008


City of Anaheim, CA
Trial No. 1

May, 2008 - June, 2009

City of Anaheim, CA
Trial No. 2

May, 2008 - May, 2009

Calabasas (CA)
Industrial Park

December, 2008 - December, 2009


City of Los Angeles
Trial No. 1 

October, 2008 -
October, 2009

City of Los Angeles
Trial No. 2

October, 2008 - 
October, 2009 

City of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Grant Application to South Florida Water 
Management Authority

December, 2008

Section  2: 

                                  Water Savings Reports

Featuring Results of 'Before' and 'After' Testing of Existing Sprinkler Systems
Changed out (or Converted) with PRN/LittleValve Combo Sprinklers

Introduction to Sprinkler Head Water Savings Reports

The following Reports below record significant and immediate water-saving results from simple, low cost change-outs of just 2 spray sprinkler parts:  the pop-up riser stem and the nozzle.  The pop-up stem contains an In-Stem Flow Regulator (IFR) and the nozzles are high-efficiency (H/E).  Both parts are on the commercial rebate list of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).  The attached reports show that significant flow reductions and concurrent water savings can be achieved immediately. Additional reports will be included as they become available.

Bottom Line Results

Scroll down to view Reports.  From those Reports, we have learned that when converting a typical 'spray' system to the
PRN/LittleValve Combo,
the following water savings can generally be anticipated:

TURF AREAS:  30% - 45% savings, 3 seasons a year.            SHRUB AREAS:  40% - 55% savings, 4 seasons a year.
The LAX Single Valve Trial shows that when converting lawn areas 26 feet or less in width that are being watered with gear-driven rotors, savings in excess of 60% are achievable.

IFR Technology & Function

In-Stem Flow Regulators are available in pop-up riser stem replacements for all major manufacturers in 4”, 6” and 12” sprinklers as well as in ½” and ¾” couplings (fipt x fipt) and riser extenders (fipt x mipt) and shrub adapters. IFRs provide:

  1. on/off control at each sprinkler;
  2. ability to precisely dial in the distance of the water throw thereby eliminating over spray;
  3. higher uniformity of water application due to water entering the nozzle with less turbulence;
  4. ability to eliminate water-wasting misting and fogging as IFRs override ALL high pressure;
  5. elimination of excessive flow rates caused by high-pressure;
  6. quick servicing, flushing and change-outs of nozzles by one person because all IFRs shut down the water to a single sprinkler without affecting the others on the same line PLUS IFR pop-up stems do not retract until the water to the system is turned off.

Presently, In-Stem Flow Regulators are available from Valvette Systems, located in Southern California, known as “LittleValve” and via The Toro Company, located in Riverside, California, known as PS stems.

High Efficiency Nozzles – Preferred Models

Toro® Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles (PRN) for all ‘Radius’ applications due to its great flexibility:

(1) Arc range of 45° to 270° with its ‘Adjustable’ model, the other model is a fixed full circle pattern; (2) availability in both Male and Female styles allowing use on all plastic sprinklers; (3) very low trajectory, which undercuts even high wind conditions; and (4) when paired with an IFR, has a phenomenal distance range of 18 inches, regardless of pressure, all the way up to 20 – 28 feet, depending on pressure. 

For long, narrow planter areas, most professionals use side strip nozzles.  When using side strips in the same valve system with rotating nozzles, flow rates must be respected.  From full open down to 6 – 7 feet, left/right, only Toro’s Precision Spray Nozzle (PSN) model nos. 4 X 30 SST and 4 X 18 SST as well as its left and right corner strips can be used.  The PSN line also comes in male and female styles.  When the side strip nozzle is to cover a left/right area of less than 5 - 6 feet, only Hunter’s SS530 can provide proper coverage.

Benefits of Combining Distinct Technologies

Because of all the advantages of the two parts described above, the water savings noted in the reports can be considered an annual reduction in total water use because the recommendation is, in most cases, to leave the station run times unchanged. This is possible because the water passing first through the In-stem Flow Regulator and then into high efficiency nozzles is applied more slowly – reducing or eliminating runoff – and more efficiently – because the water is being applied more evenly and without the over spray and misting that previously characterized the operation of sprinkler systems.  For those reasons, dramatic flow reductions are being experienced. And those flow reductions translate into direct water savings – immediately upon completion of a retrofit and even more so when designed around the Combo and installed into new systems.

Testing Protocol

Irrigation water must be separately metered.  Reads are taken ‘Before’ and ‘After’ change-outs.  Meter reads are notated down to 1/10 of a cubic foot of water.  All reads are taken over 3 or 4-minute periods. To provide more specific results as to water usage differences in shrub areas versus turf areas, the average water savings at each site are expressed in several different formats. 

Click Links for Individual Reports:

Van Nuys
FlyAway Bus Station

February, 2015

Single Valve Trial


Van Nuys Airport
Facility Building

 March, 2015

Van Nuys Airport
Industrial Complex

March, 2015

West Valley Christian
Church & School

June, 2015

Tarzana Residence

December, 2015


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