Micro Stream Caps (MSC) for applications with pop-up sprinklers. Includes 3 separate parts.


NOTE: This combined product is to be used with any LittleValve IFR male-threaded pop-up stem, i.e. Irritrol, Rain Bird, Hunter, Orbit and Weathermatic or can be used with Little Tuffy pop-ups.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many variations of Micro Stream Cap patterns and sizes along with the various other parts shown, they cannot be sold on the internet. Please place your order directly with us at (866) 200-8590 Monday thru Saturday from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. – PACIFIC TIME ZONE. Additionally, we will be able to assist you in picking the right MSC for your particular needs.

The first part – the MSC – is Female threaded and is connected to the second part, which is a special adapter made by the Rain Bird company – Model No. PA-80. The third part is a blue or white filter screen that is inserted into the top of the LittleValve male-threaded pop-up stem (that only accepts Female nozzles.) The filter screen is then covered over by the PA-80, which is threaded onto the pop-up stem. The MSC is then threaded onto the top of the PA-80 adapter.

NOTE: When the water is off and the stem drops down, the MSC will usually remain about one inch above the top of the soil.

The combined product can be tied in with any other sprinkler types even if the other sprinklers are not LittleValves.

Excellent method for replicating troublesome ‘below-grade’ or ‘at grade’ drip tubing. All water flow control to the plants and/or its surrounding areas is controlled by the LittleValve IFR located in the pop-up stem.

And Pressure Regulation is never needed.


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Weight 1 lbs

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