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 ·      Use with Valvette’s In-stem Flow Regulating 1/2”  LittleValve  Riser Extenders OR 1/2"  LittleValve Couplings.

 ·      Use on pop-up sprinklers with LittleValve pop-up stems (4”, 6” and 12”) joined with Rain Bird’s          
        PA80 connector.         

 ·      Bring streams down to as low as .04 - .06 GPM (2.4 - 3.6 GPH) See Calculations Info below.

 ·      And with LittleValves you control the water distance from Cap to plant from 6  –  9 inches up to 4 or 5 feet.

               NOTE:    Micro Stream Caps are not available in the Online Store.

                  To purchase Micro Stream Caps, please contact Valvette Systems at
            (844) 622-7141 Pacific Time,  M - F after 8:30 AM;  Weekends after 9:30 AM

Micro-Stream Caps available in 3 sizes of Stream Holes:

‘A’ Model - 1/16”   ·   ‘B’ Model - 3/32”   ·   ‘C’ Model – 1/8”
Available in 12 Configurations in each of the 3 sizes:

Single hole; 2 holes in 4 different patterns - 30°, 45°, 90° and 180°; 3 holes - 1/3 & 1/2 circle patterns; 4 holes – 1/2 circle
& side strip; 5 holes – 1/2 circle; 6 holes – 1/2 & full circles. Even custom-made patterns.


• Now you’ll know when an emitter is clogged up.
• No more dealing with damaged tubing or tiptoeing around it.
• If a Cap gets clogged, just shut off the water at the LittleValve, unthread Cap, open LittleValve to flush sprinkler,
   thread Cap back on. EASY!
• Can be mixed into any system with other types of sprinklers – even rotors.
• Never even think about pressure regulation – never needed.
• Don’t water weeds, put the water right where you want it.
• Can be installed onto above-grade risers or into pop-up sprinklers (with male pop-up riser stems only).

     Scroll below for MSC pictures and Info to assemble accompanying parts 

 These are the stream patterns available for all THREE sizes 

MSC Sizes MSC Calculations

Application for stationary above-ground sprinklers

3 Components

No.1:  The tall part is our 1/2" Riser extender. [RX550]  The bottom section has 1/2" female threads that connect to a riser pipe.  The red part is the filter screen.  The part on the right is the Micro Stream Cap.  This particular cap has 2  'B' sized stream holes that shoot out 45° aparts.

Filter Screen Inserted into Riser ExtenderNo. 2: The filter screen is inserted - upside down - into the top of the Riser extender. Normally, the RX550 and the screen are sold together as shown. Fully AssembledNo. 3:  Other than the 1/2" riser pipe that extends upwards from below the soil level, this is the fully-assembled Micro Stream Cap.  This one has 3 'C' sized stream holes (the largest hole) that shoot the streams out in a 90° pattern.

Application for pop-up sprinklers 

4 Components

No.1:  The small item on the left is the PA80 adapter (from Rain Bird.) The small item on the right is the MSC.  Notice the blue filter screen is inserted into the pop-up riser stem before the other 2 items.

Adapter Connected to Pop-up Stem

No. 2:  The PA80 adapter is threaded onto the top of the pop-up riser stem over the screen.

Fully Assembled MSC Connected to Adapter
No. 3:  Lastly, the MSC is threaded onto the PA80 adapter.  You're good to go. Just turn on the water and adjust the distance of the streams coming out of the MSC by turning the little Allen screw on the side of the stem with the Allen key that comes with your LittleValve parts.


      MSC Part no. shown:    C - 2 - 90        
Location:   Roadrunner Club RV lot.
City of Santa Clarita
    Landscape Contractor:  SLM Services,
Simi Valley, CA                  Feb, 2018