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General Information for Saving Water

with LittleValve Water Saving Sprinklers  

Introducing Precision Water Application With Rotating and Spray Nozzles.
Regardless of inlet System Pressure, Take Control Over Your Sprinklers!

1.  Benefits

The Only Sprinkler Parts that Make Sprinkler Head Maintenance Really Easy

 And With Pressure Regulation at Each and
Every Sprinkler Head

Detailed Benefits of LittleValve Products

With total control over each sprinkler head due to In-stem Flow Regulation, pinpoint the precise area you want watered.
Eliminate overspray entirely even if the system pressure exceeds 175 p.s.i.

  • Say goodbye to 5', 8', 10' and 12' nozzles. LittleValves can bring the spray from a 15 foot radius nozzle down to 6 feet without distortion and without closing down. The larger orifice of 15' nozzles has less chance of getting clogged and is easier to clean.
  • Furthermore, with 15' nozzles you get BFH: Bigger, Fatter and Heavier droplets that resist wind drift better, penetrate the soil deeper, and diffuse throughout the soil wider.
  • Every LittleValve part is pressure-regulating or pressure-compensating, therefore, using 15' nozzles at radius distances of 14' or less, misting/fogging is eliminated entirely regardless of how high the pressure is; over 14', misting is substantially reduced. You'll never need pressure-compensating screens and devices nor pressure-regulating stems.
  • Independent testing confirms 30% to 80% higher uniform water application with adjusted-down 15' nozzles compared to smaller radius nozzles. The higher uniformity means you save from 7% to 47% of the water normally used to irrigate a given area just on higher uniformity alone. (See the Actual Water Savings table on the Test Data page of this site.) Higher uniformity and deeper penetration of water droplets means a better-looking garden.
  • In 2008 and into 2009, water saving trials had been conducted primarily in the cities of Agoura Hills, Los Angeles (Canoga Park area), and Anaheim--all in Southern California--along with Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With the combination of higher uniformity, elimination of overspray and elimination of misting and fogging, the trials yielded typical savings from as low as 18.5% up to as high as 83%. The average savings is from 30% to 50%.
  • Pop-up risers stay in the extended "UP" position and do not retract even when the nozzle is removed so there's no need for special tools nor a helper to hold up the riser while flushing the lines. Since the riser stays up, dirty water can't flow back into the sprinkler lines.
  • Service individual spray heads and above-grade sprinklers without shutting down the whole system. Save time and water not going back and forth to the controller. Save when heading up new jobs or servicing existing ones even if you have remote control. Testing at the Center for irrigation Technology (C.I.T.) shows water savings in excess of 80% when nozzling up new installations.
  • No more getting blasted with water while removing nozzles when the system is running just to save trips to the controller. Saves hours of labor, which means dollars in your pocket.
  • Eliminate erosion while flushing lines, risers and heads during the installation or servicing of sprinklers on hillside slopes.
  • Now you can have drip systems without 1/4" tubing. Eliminate special filters, emitters, pressure regulators and, in most cases, special valves. With LittleValve parts, you can mix drips, micro-sprays and regular sprays on the same valve system. (See what nozzles to use in the "Drip & Micro-Spray Information" tab.)
  • Fittings and stationary shrub bodies (shrub adapters) are slotted. Use just one pair of channel locks and a $5.50 open-end wrench when working on them instead of two $11.00 pairs of channel locks.
  • Complete flow control even if the filter screen is missing. No distorted spray when limiting flow and no vibrating adjustment screws that shut themselves off. NEVER AGAIN TOUCH THAT LITTLE SCREW ON TOP OF THE NOZZLE.
  • LittleValve products provide you with the finest irrigation systems possible. No other company offers this 21st century technology featuring maintenance and water friendly sprinkler parts and fittings.
  • It's like having a little gate valve under every sprinkler head you ever had to work on, thereby eliminating irrigation aggravation by making your sprinkler systems maintenance friendly.
  • Contractors: A great way to make money by upgrading the existing systems of your customers. In the long run, this saves them water and future maintenance costs and, as a result, makes your own jobs easier. Everybody Wins!
  • If a nozzle gets lost, cut off or broken, the rest of the system still operates at approximately 90% of its efficiency.
  • Ends reliance on slow-operating and sometimes non-operating remote control apparatus.

Benefits of Fabulous Flushing Cross

  • Easy to retrieve the pop-up riser stem when it snaps back into the housing.
  • Keep all the water you flush inside the planter - direct the flow wherever you want.
  • Dirty water can’t flow back into the open riser stem.
  • Works on most male and female plastic pop-up heads.
  • 1/4" Allen wrench included to regulate the amount of water you flush or shut it off altogether.
  • Contains its own screwdriver for prying up the head – plus adjusting nozzle when you’re ready to finish up.
  • Has 3/4" male threads to connect up for back flushing, remote flushing or for a temporary sprinkler head. Plus, you can connect up a pressure gauge for reading the pressure at any head on the system.


LittleValve Product Information

        The Only Sprinkler Parts that Make Sprinkler Head Maintenance Really Easy 

With Pressure Regulation at Each and Every Sprinkler Head

 NOTE:  LittleValve replacement pop-up riser stems and Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers are always shipped out of the factory
in the CLOSED position.

Contractors, ask your distributor for pop-up replacement risers for Toro 570s, Rain Bird 1800s, Hunter Pro-Sprays, Irritrol I-PRO,       Weathermatic LX, Orbit, Hit and Nelsons. There are also universal male and female shrub bodies (shrub adapters,) 1/2" and 3/4" riser extenders and 1/2" and 3/4" couplings.

All LittleValve products operate with easy-to-use Allen keys or wrenches. One size - 3/16" - fits all except for the two 3/4" fittings which use 1/4" size. All six stationary products (shrub bodies and fittings) can be connected to threaded nipples with a convenient but inexpensive 5/8" X 3/4" open end wrench. You'll find the open-end wrench and T-handled Allan wrenches in our catalogue.

Small Allen keys that fit on keychains are included in product boxes at no charge

Using parts that contain the LittleValve, replace original pop-up riser stems or install shrub bodies (shrub adapters) or couplings and you'll be able to turn on and off water flow to the head below the nozzle allowing service to the nozzle area while the rest of the system is running. Pop-up risers stay in the extended-up position during flushing even while the nozzle is removed. This makes them completely available for you to service without the need for oddball tools, pull-up rings or radio-controlled apparatus.

Install LittleValve couplings or riser extenders below stationary heads and under above-grade rotors or impacts and while the rest of the sprinklers on that system are running, you'll be able to stop and re-start water flow to a problem head for changing-out the head or cleaning lower screen areas of rotors.

In all cases, because of In-stem Flow Regulation (IFR), you have complete control over the sprinkler head, you have obstruction-free flushing of the lines and you'll never have to leave the location of the sprinkler you're working on until the job is finished and the head is operating properly again.

Also you only need 15 to 18 foot radius nozzles because you can bring the spray down to 6 feet without closing down and no distortion. Better yet, with the proper nozzle take your spray all the way down to just a drip and replicate drip systems and micro-sprays without spaghetti tubing, pressure regulators, special filters, special valves and you'll have the only parts on the market where you can mix sprays and drip on the same valve system.

LittleValve IFRs allow precise placement of the water exactly where you want it, provide the most uniform water application of any spray heads on the market and eliminate overspray and most of the misting caused by higher pressures; and at 13' or under, eliminate misting entirely. LittleValve sprinkler parts and fittings are virtually unaffected by water pressure up to 175 psi or more. That means that in most cases, no pressure compensation nor pressure regulation of any kind is needed.

With LittleValve parts, you turn ordinary sprinklers into smooth-running, water conservation, maintenance friendly irrigation systems that save hours of labor and gallons of water.

Flushing Cross Information

Flushing Cross
Nobody who works on sprinklers should be without one!

The Fabulous Flushing Cross makes servicing sprinkler heads on existing systems that do not have LittleValves easier by making retrieval of the pop-up stem a snap. It fits most all plastic pop-up sprinklers. It also allows you to direct the flushing water in any direction you choose. Because the water being flushed exits the Cross 2 inches above the surrounding soil, dirty water can't get back inside the open pop-up stem. Additionally, the tool has a LittleValve for regulating or shutting off the flow and the flushing arms have 3/4" male threads to connect up for back flushing, remote flushing or for a temporary sprinkler head or for reading the pressure at any head. One arm carries a screwdriver tip for adjusting the heads.

Ask for it. It's the neatest sprinkler tool you'll ever see!

3.  Hows & Whys' of LittleValve Water Savings

Smarter Water-Saving Sprinklers and Sprinkler Parts featuring---
LittleValve. Logo
The World's Most Efficient Sprinkler Systems


Because you dial in the distance that you want the nozzle to throw the water, overspray is eliminated. Everybody who works with sprinklers has encountered the problem of the little nozzle screw atop the nozzle, which oftentimes shuts down after adjustment. At the most, the little screw atop the nozzle can only be turned down 25% of its value. This is why they make nozzles in 5’, 8’, 10’ 12’ and 15’ radiuses. Conversely, the LittleValve screw is located below the nozzle, its setting never changes, hence, one only needs 15’ nozzles, which can then be adjusted from 15 feet down to 5 or 6 feet. The end result is that water spraying onto adjacent streets, sidewalks, buildings and cars is substantially or completely eliminated.


Misting and fogging of spray sprinklers is a major source of water waste. The primary reason for misting and fogging is high pressure, which is exacerbated when using smaller radius nozzles. The orifice of a 15’ nozzle is 1/8” in diameter so water droplets exiting 15’ nozzles are large whereas smaller nozzles have smaller orifices, which mean smaller droplets. With 15’ nozzles in concert with LittleValves, misting and fogging is significantly reduced at distances over 14 feet and completely eliminated at distances less than 14 feet – regardless of pressure.

LittleValves with 15’ nozzles provide three other related benefits:

  • All forms of pressure regulation are eliminated such as expensive Pressure Regulating Stems (PRS), pressure-compensating screens (PC Screens) and pressure regulators. NOTE: A consideration of optimum pressure does not apply as there is no optimum pressure range for nozzles attached to LittleValve sprinklers or parts.
  • The larger orifices of 15’ nozzles clog up less than smaller orifices.
  • Droplets from 15' nozzles are BFH - Bigger, Fatter and Heavier, hence they resist wind drift far better than droplets from smaller radius nozzles, they penetrate the ground much deeper and they diffuse in the soil better.


LittleValves greatly increase the uniformity of the water being applied. The higher the uniformity rate, the less water needed to meet ET (Evapo-Transpiration rate.) Higher uniformity obtained from using LittleValves is achieved in two different ways:

  • Because the LittleValve allows for precise placement of water, higher uniformity is achieved by putting all the water in the form of larger droplets exactly where they are wanted.
  • The presence of the LittleValve causes the water to enter the nozzle with less turbulence hence the nozzle works more efficiently.


LittleValve and Little Tuffy pop-up stems are shipped in the ‘Closed’ position, so after installation, very little water exits the nozzle. One person can flush and nozzle up each sprinkler and then close the LittleValve before moving onto the next. Hence, very little water is used when nozzling-up and the site is kept dry and not muddied as a bonus. Final adjustments can now wait until after all the plants and lawns are planted.

Maintenance of existing sprinklers with LittleValves is performed by just one person without going back and forth to the valve or controller and with little or no reliance on slow-acting remote control apparatus. When flushing sprinklers with LittleValves, one flushes cups of water instead of the gallons normally used.

In March of 2003, a report was issued by the Center for Irrigation Technology (C.I.T.) describing how much labor and water was saved during installation and maintenance procedures. Water savings during installation were as high as 82% and during maintenance procedures as high as 36%. As a bonus, average savings on labor during maintenance operations was logged at 66%.

Water Savings Test Data
Contact us for more information about our efficient sprinklers and products.

4.  Basic LittleValve Water Flow Information

GPMs - Gallons Per Minute  +  Precipitation Rates

Using 15-foot Spray Nozzles Only

 Gallons Per Minute Flow

For quarter circle (90°) nozzles

15' 12' 10' 8'
30 PSI - 0.60 0.52 0.39
55 PSI - 0.64 0.56 0.41

Precipitation Rates

Measured in inches per hour

15' 12' 10' 8'
30 PSI 1.12 1.60 1.99 2.35
55 PSI 1.52 1.71 2.16 2.48

Precipitation rates and GPM information for all radiuses derived from 15-foot nozzles.
No other radius nozzles were used.

Products Warranty

Little Tuffy wiper seals carry a 2-year warranty. Everything else we manufacture
including Flushing Crosses carry a 5-year warranty.

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