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Water Saving Sprinkler Information for LittleValve Pinpoint Watering
with Above Grade Drip Systems 
and Micro-Spray Sprinklers

                                                                Where pressure regulation is always built in

Section A:  LittleValve Above-Grade 'Drip' Applications
                                   NOTE:  Water usage in Drip systems is measured in gph and gpm - (gallons per hour and gallons per minute)

1.    Micro Stream Caps (MSC).  1/2", black PVC plastic, female-threaded caps.  Caps have pre-drilled holes that serve as emitters of streams of water, which are controllable to pre-determined gpms and distances when used with LittleValve IFR parts regardless of pressure. Caps are available in three (3) sizes of stream holes with 12 different configurations or patterns for each of the 3 stream sizes.  The Caps are labeled for easy identification.

Micro Stream Caps can be installed into new or existing sprinkler systems.  Using the appropriate LittleValve parts, they can be connected onto stationary above-grade sprinkler risers OR into pop-up sprinklers that have male-threaded pop-up stems which accept only female-threaded nozzles, i.e. Little Tuffy, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Hunter, Weathermatic, Orbit.

        Click Here for all the
Micro Stream Cap
info, patterns, calculations and Pictures 

2.    BS50 - Single stream above-grade 'Drip' sprinkler.  The BS50 fitting (with ½" female threads,) can be threaded onto our RX550 - ½" Riser Extender or directly onto any length ½" threaded pipe or nipple, which is then connected to our CP050 - ½" Coupling.  We also call this a 'Single Plant Drip Fitting'.   See the 6 pictures directly below.  Like the Micro Stream Caps, BS50s can be installed onto stationary risers or onto male-threaded pop-up stems. 

BS50 Fitting BS50 Fitting
BS50 Fitting with 1/8" Tubing Attached to Barbed Connector

NOTE: To purchase BS50 Fitting, go to "Stationary LittleValve Parts" within "Buy Products Here" tab.

BS50 Fitting Connected to RX550

BS50 Fitting Connected to RX550
filter screens provided when the two are purchased together

BS50 Fitting Connected to Riser Pipe and CP050

BS50 Fitting Connected to Riser Pipe and CP050

BS50 in conjunction with RX550

BS50 in conjunction with RX550

See the BS50 calculations
in table at bottom of this page.

BS50 in conjunction with CP050

BS50 in conjunction with CP050

18" Stream from the BS50 is using
9.6 GPH or  .16 GPM

3.   5-foot Center strip nozzles.  To water 2 plants at the same time, a 5-foot center strip nozzle can be used.  Locate the sprinkler between the 2 plants.  5-foot center strip nozzles are available in both male and female threaded nozzles, hence can be used in stationary applications and in all pop-up sprinkler brands.  See the 2 pictures directly below. 

Notice that when you install the sprinkler in between 2 plants with LittleValve parts, you can
pinpoint the streams to put the water right at the base of each plant without watering the
ground between them.  This is fine for areas with just dirt or mulch and you don't want to
grow weeds.  If you have ground cover or flowers, then use 15' center strips nozzles instead
of 5' center strips.

Sprinkler Sprinkler

4.    5’ stream bubblers nozzles.  Great for drip applications putting out about 1/4 gallon per minute at distances of about 9 inches diameter.  For low-volume applications, generally use them for shrub areas having a distance range of 9 inches up to 4 - 5 feet.  Available in patterns of 1/4 circle - 2 streams, 1/2 circle - 4 streams, and full circle - 6 streams.  Also available in both male and female threaded nozzles and can be used in stationary applications and in all pop-up sprinkler brands.  

NOTE:  We recommend that you do not try to use throw distances LESS than what is described above.  In time, they will likely close down on you.

Section B:  LittleValve Above-Grade 'Micro-Spray' Applications

                  For Pop-ups and Stationary Above-grade Applications

Female Nozzles:  Use Rain Bird’s 8’ Flat nozzle (NOT the regular, green 8’ nozzle.)  Available in 1/4 circle and 1/2 circle spray patterns.
                               Hunter's SS530 side strip nozzle can also be adjusted down to a micro-spray of about 2 feet.

 Male Nozzles: Use Toro’s Flat spray nozzle. Available in 1/4 circle, 1/2 circle and full circle patterns.

Oftentimes a 6’ VAN makes a good micro-spray and works well for irregular planter areas.  VANs (Variable Arc Nozzle) are producd by almost all sprinkler manufacturing companies.

With the LittleValve, adjust spray down to a, 18” to 60” radius.  

Remember though, Toro's Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) can be brought down to a radius of 14 -18 inches or more, which qualifies it as a Micro-Spray nozzle, as well. (See the 18" video at the bottom of the 'PRN/LittleValve Combo' tab page.)    Click here for shortcut to that tab.

You will find that LittleValve Micro-Spray is the least troublesome micro-spray available on the market today and requires no pressure-regulation.


LittleValve Micro-Spray



(Male Shrub Adapter) 

Watering distance in picture is from 36"- 42"

     Water usage is approximately 1/3 GPM 
or 18.5 GPH.


1.   When using LittleValve replacement pop-up riser stems or Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers in drip or micro-spray mode or when spraying at any distance under 6 feet, we strongly recommend inserting a LittleValve LVA ( Low Volume Application) filter screen under the LittleValve - tail first - into the bottom of the pop-up stem. Push screen into bottom of stem until it locks in place.  LVA screens are available here or from your LittleValve distributor in 25/ct bags.

With LittleValve above-grade shrub adapters, couplings or riser extenders, it is not necessary to purchase LVA Screens as you can use any manufacturer's filter screen, i.e., Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter, etc.  Place filter screen into the opening of a Schedule 80 or cut-off riser, tail down into riser opening. Screen will not fall into riser opening.  Then thread LittleValve part onto riser right over the screen.

2.   With LittleValve parts and Little Tuffy Pop-up heads, even in drip and micro-spray mode, pressure regulation is never needed regardless of how high your pressure is because ALL LittleValve sprinkler parts and Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers are pressure-regulating sprinklers or sprinkler parts.

3.   Remember, each nozzle is individually controlled with LittleValve parts or Little Tuffy Pop-up sprinkler heads, so drips, micro-sprays and regular sprays can all be mixed on the same valve system, if desired and if the arithmetic works.

4.  One of the more flexible features of LittleValve products is the ability to have LittleValve 'Drip' or LittleValve 'Micro-Spray' on a pop-up sprinkler as easy as having it on a stationary fixed-height shrub adapter.
5.   NEW:  We have taken a 5' center strip nozzle and closed up one of the orifices so that the center-strip nozzle emits water only out of one side. In so doing, we have created a single-plant Drip Fitting. These nozzles are available on special request. They are available in Female and Male styles. We use Rain Bird's 5CST-B nozzle for Female style and Toro's SB-2-180 for Male style.  [See right side picture at top of this page]

With this New application, we recommend a minimum distance of 18" - 24" from nozzle to plant.  There is a concern that if the 'throw' distance is less, the distance may reduce over time.  We have learned that in pop-ups, the distance maintains well at 20 inches or more.

6.  When mixing drip application with micro-sprays and/or regular sprays on the same valve, special low-flow valves are NOT necessary. BUT, when all heads are in drip mode, a low-flow valve may be necessary.

CALCULATIONS               Note:  For Micro Stream Cap calculations, scroll back up to Section A and click on MSC button.

A.  5-foot center strip nozzles adjusted down to a 24” throw use approximately 6.5 gallons per hour or .11 gpm

B.  BS50 calculations table at various distances:
NOTE:  All distances are measured from sprinkler to the point where water strikes the surrounding grade with the top of sprinkler head assembly being 7 inches above grade.

9 inches
12 inches
15 inches
18 inches
30 inches
Gallons per hour (GPH)
Gallons per minute (GPM)

C. Micro-Spray tests with a Rain Bird ½ circle 8’ Flat nozzle adjusted down to 27” – 36", the usage is .26 gpm or 15 – 16 gallons per hour  (approximately 1/4 gpm).  At a 36” to 40” radius, the usage is .31 gpm or 18.4 gallons per hour (less than 1/3 gpm).

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