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Page 3              PRN/LittleValve Combo - Highlights and Pictures

The Other 3 Planters in Entryway Area to Calabasas City Hall


                                                              Main Entry Side Planter- East Side                                                                                                                                

          Video - 54-seconds long               




After changing out to PRN/LV combos,
2 sprinklers were shut off.

Only with LittleValves can Rotary nozzles be closed off completely.

Notice in the video that there is a little water on the top of the curbs but how completely dry the street is



Main Entry Side Planter- West Side

2-part Video 

NOTE: This video shows 2 PSN side strips
mixed with PRNs.




    Look carefully: After changing out to PRN/LV Combos, 5 sprinklers were able to be shut off (2 visible here.)


Only with LittleValves can Rotary nozzles
be closed off 



8' X 18'  Triangular  Planter (in Entry area)


Radius distance of PRNs at narrow end is from 3 ft to 4 ft.

 The small amount of water in street
is due solely to a short surge when
the sprinklers are first turned on.