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Page 1              PRN/LittleValve Combo - Highlights and Pictures

 Main Entryway Planter into Calabasas City Hall

12" Toro Pop-up Sprinklers changed out with LittleValve 
12" Toro replacement pop-up stems - Model no. POP1220  

Phenomenal Edge Control 

Main Planter at Entryway
to City Hall






The video above is looking from North  to South.                          

The video to the left is looking from South to North.

In both videos and in the pictures below,  you see remnants of water on the top of  the curb but virtually no water in the  street.                                        


Even at curved areas, overspraying is not evident.

NOTE:  After the change-out to PRN/LittleValve Combos, all 6 of the sprinklers going down
the center of the planter were no longer needed and were shut off.

        The main entry planter is 15 feet wide.



      Notice how dry the street is during this watering operation.