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21st Century Sprinkler
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By: LittleValve

With Full Control Over
Each and Every Sprinkler
Pop-ups and Stationary Above-ground 

- Our Only Business

In-Stem Flow Regulation Powered by LittleValves Means Smart   

Water Saving Sprinklers and Parts

Installed into almost every manufacturers' Sprinklers
make them and their nozzles far more efficient.

LittleValve IFRs - the world's ONLY sprinklers and sprinkler parts specifically designed and manufactured for pin-point watering and water conservation!

Time and Labor Savings, as well!

Urban Dirt's long-running YouTube video presents the

LittleValve Sprinkler at Landscape Industry Show

(March, 2012 in Long Beach, CA)

WATERSAVINGSPRINKLERS.COM -  home of the World's Most Efficient Sprinkler Parts
with Proven Water Savings of 30% - 60%,  

See for yourself by clicking on this Test Data tab

Test Data

In-stem Flow Regulation (IFR) - the most significant change to sprinklers in 50 years -
is why LittleValves are the only WATER CONSERVATION sprinklers in the world and

the ONLY sprinkler and sprinkler parts on the Rebate list of the
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)

  Providing On-Off control at each sprinkler head and much, much more!

Exclusive provider to CONSERVA IRRIGATION, the nation's first and only water conservation, irrigation contracting franchise.
(Scroll down to learn more about Conserve Irrigation)


Check out the LittleValve IFR Benefits:

  • No more overspraying onto sidewalks, streets and buildings - Dial in your distance.

  • Use only 15 foot 'Spray' nozzles eliminating all 5', 8', 10' and 12' nozzles. IFRs reduce the radius of 15' nozzles down to 6 feet with bigger, fatter, heavier droplets that resist wind drift and penetrate the ground better.

  • Quadruples the range of Toro's Precision Rotating Nozzle by taking radius down to 18 inches. Triples the range of Rain Bird's 17-24 rotary nozzle by reducing its radius to 5'. 

  • Toro and Rain Bird's Flat spray nozzles become world's best Micro-Sprays down to 2'. 

  • Bring side strips down to 3' - 4' left/right. Turn Hunter's SS530 side strip nozzle into a micro-spray, as well.  Almost every 'adjustable' nozzle can be made into a micro-spray.

  • Never touch the little screw on top of spray or rotating nozzles.

  • Easily controls the distance range of any above-grade gear-driven rotor all the way down to 'OFF' without touching the diffusion screw.

  • Eliminate pressure regulation and pressure-compensating devices - they are never needed.  LittleValves override ALL high pressure eliminating wasteful misting/fogging with its huge water losses.

  • Now you can have above-grade 'Drip' systems via our new Micro-Stream Caps with pin-point watering.  See 'Drip & Micro-Spray Information' tab and see our full line of above-grade, pin-point watering products that replace troublesome drip tubing.

  • And best of all, with individual On/Off control at each sprinkler, you save hours of time and labor by eliminating all trips back and forth to the valve or controller just to service clogged sprinklers or exchange nozzles.

See the difference between sprinklers with IFRs vs those without by clicking here for shortcut to "Water Saving Sprinklers Parts"

Remember:  If you're not using LittleValves, you're not doing
everything you can to save water.

Originally developed to make sprinkler maintenance easier and faster. Pictured below is a pop-up sprinkler being flushed by just one person without helpers and without going back and forth to the controller or valve.

During the process you see in the photo below, the pop-up stem will never retract until you shut off water to the system.

After flushing, shut off flow exiting the extended pop-up stem by turning the little key clockwise.  Insert filter, re-attach the nozzle. Then turn key counter-clockwise until water exits nozzle at the precise distance you want.  Pull out the key and you're done.

Flushing Cross

little tuffy pop-up sprinkler info
LittleTuffy Flyer

LittleValve demo video
LittleValve Flyer

littlevalve/precision rotating nozzle -
"prn/lv combo"
With 10 pages of videos and pictures


flushing cross demo video
Flushing Cross

CAUTION: You  WILL  get spoiled using LittleValve parts.

In commercial installations, PRNs, PSNs, Little Tuffys and LittleValve parts - known as In-stem Flow
Regulators - are
 all rebatable under the Southern California Metropolitan Water District program.

 Looking for water conserving sprinklers that save
money, water and labor, then come to

· · · · · ·   Valvette systems.

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little tuffy pop-up sprinklers
pop-up riser stem replacements
stationary LittleValve parts
LittleValve tools and flushing cross nozzles for your little valve parts

Produced in Los Angeles, CA

Valvette Systems Presents:   PRN/LittleValve Combo

Little Tuffys or other LittleValve parts combined with Toro's
PRN -  is the premier sprinkler on the planet

            Distance Range:  20 - 28 feet down to 18 inches               Arc range:  45° - 270°  

click here to go directly to 'prn/LittleValve COMBO INFO & VIDEOs' to see the vast differences between the prn/LittleValve combo and all other sprinklers.

                   The ultimate in high-efficiency irrigation. No other sprinkler is comparable.              


Our Affiliate: Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation, a Valvette Systems Affiliate

Use less water. Save money.

Conserva Irrigation is now in 20 U.S. markets, and is the only irrigation company founded solely on the principle of conservation.

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